Dance party

5 October 2019, 20.00-22.00


Unrestricted Sociality

A dance party and performative intervention by and with artist, performer, and educator Joy Mariama Smith

Photo: Ludger Storcks

Tickets (via Eventbrite) | Facebook event

BAK is pleased  to invite you to Unrestricted Sociality, a dance party and performative intervention with artist, performer, and educator Joy Mariama Smith.

Departing from Mariama Smith’s investigation into the interplay between the body and its cultural, social, and physical environment, this study session in the shape of a dance party aims to be a proposition for decentralized academic/institutional knowledge building, fostering reflections on how the space is dealt with when the distinction between spectator and participant becomes blurred. How can we practice unrestricted sociality on the dance floor? What are we learning when we socialize? How can knowledge—not just intellectual knowledge, but also somatic, emotional, and intuitive knowledge—be shared in an informal social setting?

The event is the culmination of the training Mad About Study by Joy Mariama Smith, taking place from 2–6 October 2019 as part of Trainings for the Not-Yet (14 September 2019–12 January 2020).

Joy Mariama Smith is a performance, installation, and movement artist and educator. They teach at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam. Mariama Smith is a BAK 2019/2020 Fellow.

€6 normal/€3 student discount. Including entry to exhibition Trainings for the Not-Yet on Saturday 5 October. Book your ticket via Eventbrite
This event is free to attend for participants to the training with Mariama Smith, Mad About Study.

Suggestions from the archive

Education Program

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Course: Art as Politics [Open Call closed]

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Dates: Mondays and Thursdays on 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, and 25 June 2020, 19–21 hrs CET. [Please note: Open Call now closed].

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European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP) at BAK [NOT TAKING PLACE]

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[WILL NOT TAKE PLACE | Update 12/3: unfortunately these EFAP presentations will not take place.]

Come to BAK on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 March for two public programs as part of the European Forum for Advanced Practices (EFAP), a self-organized, international gathering of practitioners, scholars, and organizers from transdisciplinary realms of art and education. With, on the Friday, a conversation between Paul Goodwin, Ima-Abasi Okon, and Abbas Zahedi; and on the Saturday a screening and a lecture by Jihan El-Tahri. With introductions by Irit Rogoff, Florian Schneider, and Maria Hlavajova.


7 March 2020, 20.00-23.00

BAK, basis voor Yallah Sabaya

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On Saturday 7 March 2020 BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht hosts a special International Women’s Day edition of Yallah Sabaya! Yallah Sabaya (“Come ladies! Enjoy yourselves!” in Arabic) is a special evening where dance and music connect women from all over the world. All women, no matter where they are from, are welcome on […]

Public Studies

19 March, 15.00–21 March, 18.00 2020

Public Studies: Practice as Theory [CANCELLED]

A three day workshop with artist Tony Cokes, in the framework of exhibition Tony Cokes: To Live as Equals

[UPDATE 13 March: We are sad to announce that, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, this event is now cancelled for 19-21 March 2020. We are looking into postponing it and will update our website and social media as soon as we know more]. As a part of the exhibition Tony Cokes: To Live as […]