Espacio Estamos Bien (Francisca Khamis Giacoman and Mariana Jurado Rico) and surprise.

THUNDER is a mobile device for music rehearsal and performance that lives between public and private space. It is offered as a structure to be used and claimed by underground musicians from Amsterdam, Utrecht, and their greater areas through open mics, jam sessions, and other formats as needed. THUNDER is also a graphic archive in current negotiation. It draws a historical and visual account of two city-based underground music scenes. A massive collection of flyers and and other graphic ephemera that have lived briefly in public space, unearthed from boxes and hard drives of its custodians, visibilizes the vital work of smaller cultural players who give cities unique character. Often, their contribution is overlooked and underfunded, leading to their disappearance and to the benefit of homogenizing cultural commodities more intent on pulling crowds than on nurturing community. THUNDER pays homage to the BAK building’s previous history as a music venue, acknowledging some (certainly not all) of the weight of that sonic legacy. Space for music becomes a flag to welcome other audiences who may not feel represented by the language of contemporary art but might be interested in the themes it circulates.


27 May 2023 
16:00–24:00 hrs 


Free admission. 

Complimentary snacks and drinks. 


No registration required.  

Come as you are.