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Practicing Tactical Solidarities: A Roundtable on Mutual Aid, Emergency, and Continuous Care

Update: unfortunately we got kicked off by YouTube during the event, so the above only shows the last part of the conversation. The full video will be made available on Prospections soon! For now you can rewatch the full thing on Facebook: Facebook livestream [1]

Livestream: Wednesday 29 April 2020, 19–21 hrs

Coordinated communitarian responses to this crisis have abounded, with individuals and groups around the world organizing virtually overnight to provide response and support to many suddenly without shelter, food, or protection, or facing new personal, health, and economic instabilities. Terms like “mutual aid” have suddenly become commonplace in media discourse, along with emerging reliancies on neighbors and localized networks. 

In this roundtable, collectives and cooperatives from different parts of Europe (many of whom are involved with BAK through various projects and initiatives) discuss their work before Covid-19, and outline how organizing priorities and formations have shifted in the moment, and might for the time to come. The event is also a space to compare strategies and shortfalls, and imagine the strengthening coordination of local solidarity networks within Europe and beyond borders. 

Moderated by Rachael Rakes, Curator of Public Practice, BAK

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