From December 2022 till 1 April 2023, BAK’s physical site is temporarily closed for renovation. Please join us on 1 April 2023 for the festive opening of the building with a new project, Ultradependent Public School (1 April–27 May 2023)! Leading to this, multiple programs take place in collaboration with a multitude of artists, communities, and other venues in Utrecht and beyond, as well as on BAK’s digital forum Prospections.

BAK programming combines the artistic, experiential, theoretical, and political so as to imagine and enact transformative ways, with and through art, of being together otherwise. BAK’s current research trajectory Propositions for Non-Fascist Living (2017–ongoing) is prompted by the dramatic resurfacing and normalization of fascisms, historical and contemporary. BAK organizes exhibitions, lectures, publications, workshops, and composite performative conferences with exhibitionary, discursive, and performative elements.


Current & Upcoming

Suggestions from the archive

Educational platform

15-24 November 2013

New World Academy #1: Towards a People’s Culture

Educational platform realized with the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines. Thinking with Filipino artists, writers, theater makers and members of cultural collectives such as the Concerned Artists of the Philippines, participants developed a model for a transnational “People’s Trial” as a proposition for the performative exploration of art’s possibility vis-a-vis the circumstances of oppression and inequality.


29 April 2016

Global Art Challenges 2016

Keynote lecture by Maria Hlavajova as part of a panel on “Art-as-Intervention-in-Reality: “Ecology of Knowledges” and Institutional Practices”.