BAK programming combines the artistic, experiential, theoretical, and political so as to imagine and enact transformative ways, with and through art, of being together otherwise. BAK’s current research trajectory Propositions for Non-Fascist Living (2017–2020) is prompted by the dramatic resurfacing and normalization of fascisms, historical and contemporary. BAK organizes exhibitions, lectures, publications, workshops, and composite performative conferences with exhibitionary, discursive, and performative elements.


Current & Upcoming

Exhibition Project

14 September 2019–12 January 2020

Trainings for the Not-Yet

Together with artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst presents the project Trainings for the Not-Yet, starting September 2019. The project consists of an exhibition as a series of “community learnings,” performative workshops, artworks, learning objects, and conversations. In the framework of this project, intensive collaborations with (inter)national artists, theorists, and activists take place, as well as collaborations with initiatives and communities based (mainly) in Utrecht.

18 September–22 December 2019

Training Program Trainings for the Not-Yet

Current & Upcoming:
XVI. 27.11–1.12. 2019. An investigation into collective work-processes for self-determination
Training with Hamada al-Joumah and Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh | Tickets
XVII. 27.11–1.12. 2019
Queer and Feminist
Physical and Critical
Self-Defense and Support
Bloc of Bodies

Training with a subdivision of To Be Determined (Clara Balaguer and Gabriel Fontana) | Tickets
XVIII. 4–5.12. 2019. Disrupting Neoliberal Urban Governance: New Organizational Forms for the Immediate Future
Training with Urban Front (David Harvey and Miguel Robles-Durán) |  Tickets 
XIX. 7.12. 2019. Propositions #10: Instituting Otherwise
Symposium with Maria Hlavajova, Laura Raicovich, and others | Tickets
XX. 11–15.12.2019. Exploring Untimely Togetherness
Training with Beatrice Catanzaro | Tickets
XXI. 11–15.12.2019. Training for the Underwater(ed) Land
Training with QANAT | Tickets
XXII. 18–22.12. 2019. Kitchen Atlases
Training with Bakudapan Food Study Group Tickets


7 December 2019

Propositions #10: Instituting Otherwise

Propositions #10: Instituting Otherwise is a one-day public symposium on the civic practice of art institutions, organized by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht on Saturday 7 December 2019, from 13-21 hrs. The symposium probes the question of how to institute spaces for art in the face of the pressing urgencies of the present.

Suggestions from the archive


4 December 2019, 19.30-21.00

Lecture: David Harvey on Urban Front [ SOLD OUT]

[Update: this program is now sold out!] On Wednesday 4 December 2019, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht proudly presents a lecture by Distinguished Professor David Harvey. The lecture focuses on the theory and practice of Urban Front, a transnational urban consultancy co-founded by Harvey and Associate Professor Miguel Robles-Durán. Buy tickets (via Eventbrite) | […]


10 February–15 April 2018

Matthijs de Bruijne: Compromiso Político

Also featuring works by Jeremy Deller, Piero Gilardi, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Exhibition with works by Matthijs de Bruijne as well as Jeremy Deller, Piero Gilardi, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles. A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to De Bruijne’s cooperation with the Union of Cleaners of the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) (2011–ongoing), analyzing ways of bringing together art and social struggles.


02 March–29 June 2014

Cardboard Walls

a video installation by Aernout Mik

The multifaceted series Survival was inaugurated with the work Cardboard Walls (2013) by artist Aernout Mik, which weaves together the key lineages of thought that we have marked for ourselves as critically important for (rethinking) survival—namely, questions surrounding the endurability of the planet, the livelihoods of refugees, and the need to reorient our thinking around (institutional) infrastructure.