15 April 2023, 11.00-19.00


Violencia Fantasia with Deseo Real and Carla Arcos

Violencia Fantasía is an investigation that explores the relationship between desire and the subtle ways in which violence is accommodated in the world we live in. By subtle, we mean those forms of violence that arise from representations, embellished to the point of fantasy, in a society obsessed with producing unimprovable images of itself. An LGBTQIA+ flag flies flamboyantly on top of the Volksbank building; a crowd of flamingos rest by an urban pond, having apparently found a natural habitat, but the reason they do not fly is because their wings are clipped. We make these images converge with others. Violence is no less violent when it hides under a sweet and colonial disturbance, served in a porcelain cup, filled with heart-shaped foam. In this training by Deseo Real (Pablo Marte, Lorenzo Llamas) and Carla Arcos, we move through the city and sites of fantasy that obfuscate violence, deploying “butterflyness” as a form of protection. Butterflyness is based on orientation and disorientation, on losing to find. It is a continuous game of detours and conversations that value experience and relationships and the precious time that they take.

Lunch, cooked by Massa Madre´s Orchard, is included

Saturday 15 April 2023 11:00–19:00 hrs

Notes Open to the public. Registration required via bakonline.org

Suggestions from the archive


10 May, 12.00–12 May, 18.00 2023

Complaint Making: Setting Up Conflict-Positive Spaces for Community Building Praxis

Vishnu would like to share feminist governance tools (FGT) focused on three of many tiers in community building praxis. FGT is based on the values of equity with an emphasis on creating psychologically safe environments, drawing on the use of consent. Decision-making processes, setting up conflict-positive spaces, and complaint-making as diversity work will form the body of this three-day training. Rooted in Vishnu’s autho-ethnographic practice, this work will explore the power dynamics that impact decision-making processes.


10 May, 12.00–12 May, 18.00 2023

The Diamond Mind II

In this dance training, the people will use a one-minute film of their own movement as material for a booklet—a sixteen page signature—that distributes their presence, their gesture, as an act of EQ. 


3 May, 12.00–4 May, 18.00 2023

Too Late To Say Sorry? 

A bad apology can ruin a friendship, destroy a community, or end a career. In this workshop, we will investigate the impact of apologies on our relationships and our worlds. Why and how do we make apologies? What can giving and receiving apologies teach us about values and integrity? Should you apologize for something you don’t really feel sorry for? We will explore conflict and how we like to be in conflict with others. We will dive into our own boundaries. We will seek to understand how honoring limits becomes an act of building (or freeing) better worlds capable of holding so many, many more of us.


28 April, 12.00–29 April, 18.00 2023

Huisje, Boompje, Beestje (D.A.F.O.N.T.)

In this rare masterclass, retired teacher and artist Glenda Martinus teaches participants a thing or two about painting with Microsoft Word. Martinus shares tips, tricks, and secrets on how to use this software to its unexpected potential as a drawing tool. Participants learn how to draw three basic objects—a house, a tree, and an animal—in a seemingly innocent exercise that perhaps contains more layered social commentary. Drawing the worlds we desire does not require expensive tools or education, simply a curiosity to understand how the monster’s tools can topple the house of the master.