27 May 2023


UPDATE UPS: Exhibition now open!

We here at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst are very happy to share that we just got word that our building has been inspected and approved for reopening! This means that our current exhibition is now open! The multiple workshops and trainings that were planned to take place in May 2023 will now also be hosted in their original intended setup without restrictions. Take a look at the program page to discover the entire Ultradependent Public School (UPS) program and to find more information about the registration of the trainings.

The BAK team would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to our many collaborators. A special thanks goes out to the artists and practitioners for their patience and flexibility which allowed most of the trainings to continue despite the many limitations during these uncertain past few weeks.

We look forward to sharing our work with you, and welcoming you to our reopened exhibition!

The BAK Team

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