10 September–10 December 2022


The Hauntologists

Design: Sean van den Steenhoven

10 September–13 November 2022
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

18–20 November 2022
İKSV, Istanbul

2–4 December 2022
GUDSKUL, Jakarta

Participants include: Özge Açıkkol, Merve Bedir, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Cell for Digital Discomfort (Cristina Cochior, Karl Moubarak, and Jara Rocha), Dika+Lija, Philippa Driest, freethought collective, Ilgın Hancıoğlu, Alexandra Karyn, Gayatri Kodikal, Gatari Kusuma, Yen Noh, Rifandi Nugroho, İlyas Odman, Marina Papazyan, Anitha Silvia, and Zone Collective (Megan Hoetger and Kirila Cvetkovska), among others. 

The Hauntologists is a project emerging through experimentation and collective research within the 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice. Engaging spectrality as a tactic to investigate and redress the conditions of brokenness of the world, it takes place in Istanbul, Jakarta, and Utrecht from 10 September until 10 December 2022 as a continuously evolving and geographically distributed discursive, performative, publishing, and exhibitionary composition.   

At present, many find themselves haunted by the persisting brokenness of the world—inequality, war, racial and gendered violence, precarity, techno-colonialism, and other perpetual crises. Can one haunt back to intervene and redress this ongoing sense of dread? Could spectrality be embraced as an embodied cultural and political sensibility to experiment with? Can research be practiced as a haunting to overcome the limits of traditional categories of knowledge, knowledge production, and so-called artistic research?  

Based on these questions, The Hauntologists emerges from the collaborative work of the 2021/2022 BAK Fellows to test how various notions of spectrality and spectral tactics could engage with or fathom possible burgeoning futurities, the contested strategies for living a liveable life, and the unresolved tensions in troubled archives and languages, among others. Dwelling between gatherings, seminars, subcultures, and everyday moments, the BAK Fellows and their guests—the hauntologists”—search for vocabularies that undo the abstract social forms that stand in the way of political imagination and agency. They are furthermore committed to proposing aesthetico-political positions that open spaces of possibility and collectivity through the rehearsal of new models of reading, interpretation, and sociality. Offering a framework for a plurality of artistic practices, The Hauntologists are not merely haunted—they haunt. 

The Hauntologists takes place throughout the different locations in which the BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice operates: in Utrecht at BAK from 10 September–13 November 2022; in Istanbul as a three-day-long gathering from 1820 November 2022; and in Jakarta at Gudskul from 26 November10 December 2022. Conceived as an unfolding score, the components of the program are presented in a staggered, situated way throughout the different geographical contexts, as well as on BAK’s digital forum Prospections. 

The Hauntologists is curated by Julia Morandeira, curator of the post-academic program BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice and convener of the Utrecht cell, in dialogue with the local conveners: Zeyno Pekünlü, Istanbul cell hosted by the Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme, İKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts); Gesyada Siregar and Angga Wiyaga, GUDsel hosted by GUDSKUL in Jakarta; and the 2021/2022 BAK Fellows. It includes a variety of collaborators, including freethought collective and Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht.  

Full program of gatherings at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst:
(you can click on the name of the artist/collective to find out more about the gathering)

I. Alexandra Karyn
latitude in longitude 
2022, site, situational, sonic performance  

Taking place in different locations across the Jakarta coastline—check tinyurl.com/latitudeinlongitude for exact locations—during sunset on 12 August 2022 at 17.54 hrs, sunrise on 27 August 2022 at 5.55 hrs, sunset on 10 September 2022 at 17.51 hrs, and sunrise on 26 September 2022 at 5.40 hrs.

II. Yen Noh
In Between Seances
2022, study group

The study group sessions take place on Thursdays, 15–18 hrs at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht on the following dates: 15, 22, and 29 September; 6, 13, 20, and 27 October; and 3 and 10 November 2022.  

III. Dika and Lija
2022, telegram

Week-long telegram chat accessible from Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 11.30 hrs to Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 17.30 hrs. Accessible through QR code or link. 

IV. Gayatri Kodikal
Mangroves Growing through the Detention Floor at Bucharest International Airport 
2022, performance 
30 September 2022, 18–19 hrs, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht 

V. Özge Acikkol, Gatari Surya Kusuma, Yen Noh, and Rifandi Nugroho, together with Massimiliano Molona and Nora Sternfeld
Troubling Archive

A day-long assembly with presentations, working groups, and discussions as part of an ongoing research project
1 October 2022, 11–17 hrs, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

VI. Ilyas Odman
2022, lecture performance followed by conversation between the performer and fellow artist and writer Marina Papazyan 
1 October 2022, 18–20 hrs, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

VII. Zone Collective (Kirila Cvetkovska and Megan Hoetger) with Biljana Radinoska and design by Karoline Świeżyński 
Zoning Play Complex
2022, three theatre workshops (closed sessions)
4–6 November 2022, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

VII. freethought collective
Spectral Infrastructure symposium
11–13 November 2022 (times to be determined), BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

Prospections contributions:

A. “Bedtime Story for the Non-aligned” Dubravka Sekulić in conversation with Merve Bedir, 26 September 2022

B. “Notes from the table. A Not Yet Manifesto” by the Zone Collective (Kirila Cvetkovska and Megan Hoetger), 14 October 2022

C. On Digital Discomfort focus by Cell for Digital Discomfort (Cristina Cochior, Karl Moubarak, and Jara Rocha), soft launch 20 October 2022

D. Beyond Value focus by Denise Ferreira da Silva and Massimiliano (Mao) Mollona, November 2022

E. “Barren Cave Mute” by Yen Noh, December 2022



The 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice has been realized through federated collaboration among research cells at BAK (Utrecht), GUDSKUL (Jakarta), the Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme at IKSV (Istanbul), and online. The conceptual framework was developed in conjunction with the “spectral infrastructure” research trajectory developed by freethought collective.    

BAK’s activities have been made possible through financial contributions by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the City of Utrecht. The Hauntologists has been made possible by extra financial contributions from the Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) granted by AC/E – Acción Cultural Española; the Arts Council Korea in collaboration with ISAC; and the Marinus Plantema Foundation. 

BAK’s main partner in the field of education and research is HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht.  

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