The Hauntologists

28 September–04 October 2022


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A week-long telegram chat accessible from Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 11.30 hrs to Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 17.30 hrs, by Dika+Lija.

Accessible through the QR code or link.

In this initiative, collective duo Dika+Lija activates collaborative, casual online note-taking, taking form as a Telegram group chat. The chat layers over the happenings of the real-world domain, roguishly archiving their stay and the instances of convivialities in Utrecht. They seek to archive a glimpse of the friendship that they have built over the 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, with a medium that pays homage to the 10-month long program which was mostly held online.  

During many of the Fellowship cohort sessions, collective note-taking and shared reference pools were organically activated in the chat log, all while the video call was happening. Camaraderie was built through mutually failing and then succeeding to understand the seminar materials. As the verbal and video discussions remained professional, expressions of confusion and support happened through the private chat—a separate set of type-based civilities and type-based mannerisms, following a chatroom’s unique (a)temporal and (a)spatial properties, as well as its interactive features such as “reply” or “starred message.” References are thrown one after another without queuing; several different branches of conversation can split and happen parallelly without disturbing one another. In the same vein, the scrollable and replayable chat log traces over the very linear temporality of the video call. We hope that the group chat we activate during the fellows’ trip to Utrecht (29 September–3 October 2022) can complement, build upon, and fill in the convivialities that are not available offline, but have been natural to them online.

By using an open group chat format, we share the experience of their own online collectivism, complete with its unique temporal rhythm. The QR code to access the group chat is disseminated throughout the BAK physical and social compound, which is the actual space and the network of BAK workers and fellows. It requires curiosity and proactiveness for one to join or access the archive, because it is unlike a physical and sensorial spectacle where one can be entranced just by chancing upon it. The group chat initiative also provides an opportunity for friends and families of the Fellowship to be situated in the trip. 

Just like how language influences one’s thinking process, our projects have been steeped and stained by this online spatiality and temporality, through the inside jokes, gaits, and idiosyncratic typing behaviors that they have developed overtime. They are welcoming guests to take a glimpse of their collectivism—be it in their everyday practice, friendship, or previous and future projects—as well as to share in the once-private reference pool of the Fellowship for Situated Practice. 


Suggestions from the archive


10 March, 12.00–11 March, 19.00 2023

Sancochotopia: A Winter Ultrahospitality Mini Garage School

Community Portal presents...

A temporary cultural platform for diasporic affects and practice exchanges around the kitchen as a site of study. A two-day program for those interested in working with food activists and agri-cultural workers, preparing and serving food as a way to gather community and enact communal forms of study. Sign up required. 

Radio Stream

19 February 2023, 14.00


Community Portal presents...

Mi or Mie in Bahasa Indonesia means “noodles,” while mi in Chinese can mean “rice.” These over-indulgences of critical carbs are the workout diet for the Ultracirculation study group. Now in Yogyakarta, Critical Circulation Mi invites listeners into a guided soundscape with aurations by KUNCI Study Forum and Collective, School for Improper Education, Elaine W. Ho, and Wan Ing Que. While eating, listening, and reading, fieldwork-in-progress looking into the so-called “undocumented period” of the New Order Regime will be broadcast and unfolded in collaboration with participants in SOIE.

Field Work

15 February 2023, 10.00-18.00


A series of practical publishing workshops hosted by an active squat and anarchist social center in Amsterdam and organized by the Bookbinding Studio of Sandberg Instituut/Rietveld Academy and Lila Athanasiadou. 

Field Meal

4 February 2023, 13.00-18.00


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Using the sancocho (a pan-Latin American soup with no fixed recipe) as a tool for research and encounter, Mercado Lourdes (Bogotá, Colombia) will host and organize a series of field meals. These events activate and connect the multiple affects that have resulted from ongoing research with local producers into the biodiversity of the territory.