16 October–11 November 2022


Open Call: Sint Maarten Parade

Community Portal presents...

Photo: Anna van Kooij

Workshop dates: 16, 23 and 30 October (Sundays)
Rehearsal and performance dates: 6 and 11 November

Facilitated by Migrante Netherlands, Linangan, and Espacio Estamos Bien.

BAK Community Portal presents… a series of hands-on puppet making, storytelling, and protest chant public workshops entitled If Another Storm Comes, We Will Be Ready, building towards a collective performance for the Sint Maarten parade in Utrecht.

This year, the annual parade through the historical town centre is organized by Sharing Arts Society as the closing celebration of ‘Utrecht 900’—the city’s 900-year anniversary. Moving, lit sculptures are carried in procession by their makers, supported by orchestras, choirs, dancers and other theatrical acts.

BAK has invited three collectives to create a moving performance for the parade during a series of public workshops: Linangan, a Filipino arts and culture network for political solidarity; Migrante Netherlands, an international migrant rights organization for migrants from the Philippines; and Espacio Estamos Bien, a nomadic cultural space run by Chilean artist Francisca Khamis and Colombian artist Mariana Jurado Rico.

The workshops take the (visual and sonic) languages of social movements from the Philippines, Colombia, and Chile as a starting point, welcoming participants to add their own layers of personal and political experience.


Sunday 16 October, 1318 hrs
Introduction, sharing framework and stories, action plan.
Location: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Pauwstraat 13A, 3512TG, Utrecht

Sunday 23 October, 1118 hrs
Production, choreography.
Location: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Pauwstraat 13A, 3512TG, Utrecht

Sunday 30 October, 1118 hrs
Production, choreography.
Location: Amsterdamsestraatweg 50, 3513AG, Utrecht

Sunday 6 November, 1318 hrs
Dress rehearsal
Location: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Pauwstraat 13A, 3512TG, Utrecht


Friday 11 November, time TBC
Location: Utrecht

Though attendance to all workshop dates is preferred, a minimum of one is required to take part in the performance(s). This event is open to the public and free to attend. If you are interested, please sign up using the registration link at the top of this page. For more information, please email

Suggestions from the archive


24 November 2022, 20.00-21.00

Mental Health Symposium: Communal Care & Healing

BAK Community Portal hosts....

On Thursday, November 24th, 2022, Colored Qollective in collaboration with POCQunity host their third annual symposium, this time focusing on the mental health of queer people of color. The theme of the symposium is Communal Care & Healing 


19 November 2022

Unjumbling Our Histories

b.a.k. presents...

Unjumbling Our Histories is a two-part workshop on storytelling, collage, and bookmaking—created by artist and writer Maja Irene Bolier—with a purpose to learn and share stories in a safe and fun environment; a space for empathy, learning, and understanding.


28 October 2022, 19.00-22.00

Yallah Sabaya

Community Portal hosts...

Yallah Sabaya is an evening where dance and music connect women from different backgrounds. The purpose is to connect through movement, rather than verbal communication, in a safe and welcoming environment.  


13 October 2022, 19.00-21.00

De Voorkamer: Perspectives

Community Portal hosts...

Perspectives is a program by De Voorkamer to foster inclusivity and acceptance at by creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds to engage in dialogue, share opinions, and develop ideas around topical issues that affect everyone. This edition, hosted by BAK Community Portal, focuses on the theme of sustainability.