15-16 October 2015


New World Summit, Rojava

The Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava (West-Kurdistan) and the New World Summit organize the 5th New World Summit titled Stateless Democracy, which takes place on 15 and 16 October 2015 in the city of Derîk in Cizîre canton of Rojava (Syrian-Kurdistan). The New World Summit is an artistic and political organization founded by artist Jonas Staal, consisting of a collective of designers, theorists, artists, and cultural producers who organize summits for stateless political organizations. BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht is a partner of the New World Summit and supports its 5th session through its ongoing work with the New World Academy and the Kurdish Women’s Movement on the subject of “stateless democracy.”

At the 5th New World Summit, the representatives of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava join in discussion with the members of stateless and progressive political organizations from around the world. This summit is organized for the occasion of the construction of a new public parliament, developed by the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and the New World Summit. During the 5th New World Summit, the collective deliberations focus on discussing the struggle, history, and outcomes of the Rojava Revolution and in particular its model of democratic confederalism, also known as “stateless democracy.”

Through six subsequent thematic blocks entitled: Democratic Confederalism, Gender-Equality, Secularism, Self-Defense, Communalism, and Social Ecology; the meeting engages in comparisons between autonomist and independentist movements worldwide, initiates critical debate, and builds solidarity to construct a common, new world.

Lectures by: Quim Arrufat (Popular Unity Candidacy CUP, Catalonia), Seham Dawood (Yekitîya Star, Canton Cizîre, Rojava), Sana Soleman Elmansouri (World Amazigh Congress, United Kingdom/Libya), Akram Mahshosh (Legislative Council, Canton Cizîre, Rojava), Katerin Mendez (Feminist Initiative FI, Sweden), Amina Osse (Democratic Union Party PYD, Rojava), Ziyad Rustum (Yazidi Free Democratic Movement, TEVDA, Rojava), Ilena Saturay (National Democratic Movement of the Philippines Netherlands/Philippines), Hussein Shawish (People’s Protection Units YPG, Rojava), and Hadiya Yousef (Movement for a Democratic Society, TEV-DEM, Rojava).

Delegation members to the summit include: Florence Bateson (University Researcher, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands), Manuel Beltrán (artist, Spain), Ernie Buts (Photographic Journalist, the Netherlands), Mazlum Django (aid worker, the Netherlands), Constance Trinette van Dorp (aid worker, the Netherlands), Ruben Hamelink (documentary filmmaker, the Netherlands), Suzie Herman (curator, the Netherlands), Janos-Zsolt Herman Mostert (project coordinator at Podemos the Hague, the Netherlands), Joost Jongerden (Assistant Professor Sociology and Anthropology, University of Wageningen, the Netherlands), Isabel Käser (PhD candidate SOAS, United Kingdom), Chris Keulemans (writer and journalist of De Groene Amsterdammer, the Netherlands), Robert Kluijver (writer and conflict resolution consultant, the Netherlands), Michiel Landeweerd (documentary film maker, the Netherlands), René Mahieu (economist and entrepreneur, the Netherlands), Kevin Mason (University Researcher University of Utrecht, the Netherlands), Brigitte van der Sande (Art Historian, the Netherlands), Morgan Stein (University Researcher, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands), Rob Vreeken (Journalist of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, the Netherlands), and Ibrahim Quraishi (artist, United States of America).

For the full program, please see:

Part II of the New World Summit in Rojava will be announced soon.

New World Summit team Rojava:

Conceptualized by: Sheruan Hassan (PYD), Amina Osse (PYD), and Jonas Staal; Production: Younes Bouadi; Project Coördination, International: Renée In der Maur; Project Coördination, Rojava: Ossama Muhammad; Architectural design: Paul Kuipers; Visual identity: Remco van Bladel; Urban planning: Hussein Adam, Dejle Hamo; Construction and development: Tamer Kandal, Newzad Mohammed, Ibrahim Sado, and Zozan Hassan; Photography: Ernie Buts; Film: Rojava Film Commune, Michiel Landeweerd, and Ruben Hamelink; Press Officer: Cesar Majorana; Delegation hosts: Suzie Herman and Janos-Zsolt Herman Mostert.

New World Summit, Rojava is developed in partnership with:

Democratic Self-Administration Rojava; Commission of Foreign Affairs, Cezîre Canton; Tev- Dem; Democratic Union Party (PYD); Yekîtiya Star; Tev-Çand; Rojava Film Commune; International Free Women Foundation; Free Women Foundation of Rojava; Kurdish Federation the Netherlands (FedKom); Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), The Hague; BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, and Center for Visual Art, Rotterdam.

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