26 May 2009

Moral Injury and Secular Law: The Danish Cartoon Controversy and the Question of Muslim Minority in Europe

A lecture by Saba Mahmood with an introduction by Rosi Braidotti and Rosemarie Buikema as part of the Postsecularism research itinerary.

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Public Program

Podcast and sound installation

17 April–03 July 2021

Fragments of Repair: Repair & Listen

Throughout the duration of the project Fragments of Repair, Kader Attia engages in creating a new eponymous work in the form of a gradually unfolding podcast and sound installation in twelve parts, titled Repair & Listen. Drawing on transcultural epistemologies and lived experiences, the podcast investigates “repair” as a concrete practice to counter the psychological impact of living through a pandemic. The episodes of the podcast will become available on this page, throughout the duration of Fragments of Repair.