10-11 November 2023


Le Guess Who? 2023 at BAK

On Friday 10 November and Saturday 11 November 2023 BAK, basis actuele kunst, Utrecht hosts three talks that are part of the music festival Le Guess Who?. These talks fall under the COSMOS initiative, which has the goal of amplifying local music scenes from around the world. Together with these talks, BAK displays the works of about 170 secondary school students. 

Le Guess Who? Student Exhibition

In the run up to the festival, about 170 students of three secondary schools in Utrecht have created artworks inspired by artists of the 2023 line up, commissioned by Le Guess Who? and BAK. The students researched “how artists tell their stories through sound and image” and followed a workshop with BAK to learn more on this. The artworks are exhibited during the festival at BAK. The exhibition is a colorful collection of multimedia works, in which students provide their own interpretation of the music and culture of the artists.

This education project is a collaboration between Le Guess Who? and BAK. The participating schools are X11 media en vormgeving, Gerrit Rietveld College, and De Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap. The artists on which the works are based are African Head Charge, Faiz Ali Faiz, Ana Frango Elétrico, MC Yallah, Bombino, and Stereolab.

Friday 10 November, 12–18 hrs 
Saturday 11 November, 12–18 hrs
Sunday 12 November, 12–18 hrs

Music Futurisms

The term Afro-Futurism has slowly become part of a mainstream cultural vocabulary. A combination of science fiction, technology, cultural heritage and post-colonial theory, we are now encountering an array of futurist thought and movements finding origins across continents. In this conversation, moderated by COSMOS’ own Julian Brimmers, artists Ale Hop (Peru), Rana Ghose (India) and Nyokabi Kariũki (Kenya) will, together with Dan Hassler-Forest, Professor of Media and Culture Studies at the Utrecht University, explore these diverse futurisms and what they mean within the global music scene.

Moderated by COSMOS with guest speakers Ale Hop, Prof. Dan Hassler-Forest, Rana Ghose and Nyokabi Kariũki.

Friday 10 November, 16.00–17.15 hrs

From Scratch – How to Build a Border-Defying Community

An array of COSMOS-partners come together to discuss their own expertise: that of building communities, forming grassroots initiatives and initiating impactful cultural movements in today’s globalized and digitalised society, in which borders become porous and can be challenged. A ‘how-to’ guide offering valuable insight, from speakers who can attest that as such movements become greater in number, the greater their potential of disrupting the norms and systems that serve only the few rather than the many.

Moderated by Samantha Lippett (ICRN) with guest speakers Gayance, Laurent Bigarella (Reset!/Arty Farty), together with Radio Tirkultura, and AZEEMA.

Saturday 11 November, 13.00–14.15 hrs

Investigating Missing Sounds with Raymond Antrobus

Abundantly accoladed, London born poet, Raymond Antrobus shares in a performance and interview (with GRAMMY-winning producer and author Ian Brennan) what it means to him to be an “investigator of missing sounds.” His poems articulate and explore questions of existence and identity, often around his Jamaican-British heritage, masculinity and d/Deafness.

Interview and performance with Raymond Antrobus and Ian Brennan.

Saturday 11 November, 15.15–16.15 hrs

Suggestions from the archive

Sint Maarten Parade

22 October–10 November 2023

BAK at the Sint Maarten Parade 2023

For Sint Maarten Parade 2023, Tools for Action—a non-profit organization that develops artistic interventions for political actions—collaborates with Utrecht-based members of Filipino, Caribbean, and other communities to collectively dream a parade compartment.

Panel Discussion

30 September 2023, 16.30-18.30

To the Other Side of the Concrete Wall

A book launch and panel discussion reflecting on the Jina Uprising, one year after its beginning.

Saturday, 30 September, 2023, 16:30–18:30 hrs at BAK, basis actuele kunst, Utrecht Organized by Jina Collective, a Netherlands-based feminist, leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, and pro-LQBTQIA+ action group that emerged from the Jina Uprising. This event launches a book of translated essays, co-published with BAK, which include some of the first English translations of texts by journalists […]

Public Program

09 September–29 October 2023

To Watch the War: The Moving Image Amidst the Invasion of Ukraine (2014–2023)/Public Program

To Watch the War: The Moving Image Amidst the Invasion of Ukraine (2014–2023) involves a hybrid off- and online sequence of conversations and screenings around discursive and artistic interventions that reimagine the social implications of watching the war through ways that disrupt, subvert, resist the media’s incessant spectacularization of war.