The Hauntologists

12 August, 17.54–26 September, 05.40 2022


latitude in longitude

Part of The Hauntologists

Photo by Patar Pribadi and Malik Asher

latitude in longitude by Alexandra Karyn
2022, site, situational, sonic performance

Photo by Patar Pribadi and Malik Asher

Taking place in different locations across the Jakarta coastline—check for exact locations—during sunset on 12 August 2022 at 17.54 hrs, sunrise on 27 August 2022 at 5.55 hrs, sunset on 10 September 2022 at 17.51 hrs, and sunrise on 26 September 2022 at 5.40 hrs.
My research revolves around questions of care and liminality in the advocacy work of climate activism. Through engagement with sea water, I intend to listen, share, and pray to the (im)possibility of silence in a crisis-ridden world. Alongside others, I wish to use nearness to the sea, during transitory blue hours, as a way to witness together an inward-outward dance between touching-releasing and imitation-being, as well as the tension of admiration and hurt, empathy and suffering, and awe and melancholy—all weaved in both its remembrance and forgetting. 

—Alexandra Karyn 

Photo by Patar Pribadi and Malik Asher



Suggestions from the archive

Field Meal

4 February 2023, 13.00-18.00


Community Portal presents...

Using the sancocho (a pan-Latin American soup with no fixed recipe) as a tool for research and encounter, Mercado Lourdes (Bogotá, Colombia) will host and organize a series of field meals. These events activate and connect the multiple affects that have resulted from ongoing research with local producers into the biodiversity of the territory.  


16 December 2022, 15.00-17.00

Stitching, Writing, Singing

Community Portal hosts...

In all continents, people have built matriarchal cosmologies sustained by complex rituals. In the advent of main modern religions and after centuries of colonizing invasions, the goddesses of antiquity were suppressed by the patriarchal structures that consolidated our era. However, they found ways to speak to us in the language of patterns, melodies, and poems. This workshop uses the voice as a method to reveal the presence of goddesses. 


27 January, 18.30–29 January, 21.00 2023

How to Set Up a Community Kitchen

b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN brews...

During these sessions—part of the bASIC aCTIVIST kITCHEN (b.a.k.) program in collaboration with Berend Bombarius, De Voorkamer and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst—we want to collectively explore the topic of setting up community kitchens. Different strategies, tools, methodologies, and contexts are explored to learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the practices and theories of community kitchens.


24 November 2022, 20.00-21.00

Mental Health Symposium: Communal Care & Healing

Community Portal hosts....

On Thursday, November 24th, 2022, Colored Qollective in collaboration with POCQunity host their third annual symposium, this time focusing on the mental health of queer people of color. The theme of the symposium is Communal Care & Healing