6 May 2023


🍚 a rAdio StaTiOn foR CriTiCal CirCuLATioN MI 🍜 

Listen here to the audio stream of the noodle nest dangling precariously from the Ultradependent Public School study hall:

CriTiCal CirCuLATioN MI (on air during BAK opening hours)



This is an open invite to use study group ultraCIRCULATION‘s carb-fueled online radio station, called CriTiCal CirCuLATioN MI. Our remix of circulation is an entanglement of content and form, always in motion, a fragrant infrastructure. It offers a channel for anyone of the Ultradependent Public School as well as everyone of the public to play, record, and experiment with online audio streaming as a means of aural play, critical voicing and listening, and propagation.


This stream will be available throughout the duration of the exhibition, on this page and via sometimes sonic solidarities with our study partners. All content can be archived and re-blasted for later highlighting via relays to be set up with Stranded FM, lumbung RADIO and Hong Kong Community Radio.


How to take part?

  • Come to BAK at any time during regular visiting hours (Tuesday-Sunday, 12-18h), you can live stream via CriTiCal CirCuLATioN MI.
  • If you are not familiar with the medium, simply follow the instructions to learn the basics of online radio via the handy audio manual made by Angeliki Diakrousi and Elaine W. Ho.
  • Spontaneous visits and shout-outs always welcome as long as the booth has not been reserved
  • If you want to schedule a dedicated time (in half-hour or more slots) for dedicated streaming, simply reserve via the online booking form below:

    Cast the net of sonic solidarity! 

    Host a discussion, stream a rehearsal, sing karaoke, play DJ, record a reading group, gossip over the internet, however you like~

    Suggestions from the archive

    Sint Maarten Parade

    22 October–10 November 2023

    BAK at the Sint Maarten Parade 2023

    For Sint Maarten Parade 2023, Tools for Action—a non-profit organization that develops artistic interventions for political actions—collaborates with Utrecht-based members of Filipino, Caribbean, and other communities to collectively dream a parade compartment.

    Panel Discussion

    30 September 2023, 16.30-18.30

    To the Other Side of the Concrete Wall

    A book launch and panel discussion reflecting on the Jina Uprising, one year after its beginning.

    Saturday, 30 September, 2023, 16:30–18:30 hrs at BAK, basis actuele kunst, Utrecht Organized by Jina Collective, a Netherlands-based feminist, leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, and pro-LQBTQIA+ action group that emerged from the Jina Uprising. This event launches a book of translated essays, co-published with BAK, which include some of the first English translations of texts by journalists […]

    Public Program

    09 September–29 October 2023

    To Watch the War: The Moving Image Amidst the Invasion of Ukraine (2014–2023)/Public Program

    To Watch the War: The Moving Image Amidst the Invasion of Ukraine (2014–2023) involves a hybrid off- and online sequence of conversations and screenings around discursive and artistic interventions that reimagine the social implications of watching the war through ways that disrupt, subvert, resist the media’s incessant spectacularization of war.