Audio Beeld Script Tekst

Dysfluent Waters

JJJJJerome Ellis



The audio track and corresponding transcription above are from JJJJJerome Ellis’s multi-faceted project The Clearing (book published by Wendy’s Subway; album of the same name released by NNA Tapes, both 2021). 

Each page of the transcription corresponds to sixty seconds. The roman text corresponds to the spoken and sung “lyrics” of the track; the italic text (excepting book titles and the names of slave ships) is a description of the audio. Ellis’s stutters—his clearings—are rendered in real time on the page. 

Designed by Rissa Hochberger, with additional design by JJJJJerome Ellis and Kelvin Ellis, the book The Clearing is the eighth title in Wendy’s Subway’s Document Series, an interdisciplinary publishing initiative highlighting the work of time-based artists in printed form. 


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