18-22 december 2019

Training XXII: Kitchen Atlases

The twenty-second training as part of the Trainings for the Not-Yet is with Bakudapan Food Study Group, and takes place on 18–22 December 2019 (Wednesday–Sunday). This training focuses on mapping, cooking, eating, and reading.

Bakudapan Food Study Group is an Indonesia-based collective which uses food as an “instrument to speak about broader issues,” such as politics, social- and gender-related matters, economics and labor, philosophy, art, and culture. In this training, Bakudapan Food Study Group focuses on domestic work, bringing to attention the fact that Indonesia is one of the biggest “exporters” of migrant workers to domestic contexts, where they work as cooks, caretakers, babysitters, cleaners, and housekeepers. Bakudapan Food Study Broup wants to explore the power relations between migrant domestic workers and their employers. They test whether and how the site of the training they have chosen, the kitchen, may help, if only temporarily, to suspend these extant hierarchies of power, trusting that those who use the kitchen most might be able to acquire a certain position within it. This, along with the associations such as caring, affection, and obligation, may help with narrating the domestic work of migrant people from multiple perspectives, and not merely from the customary standpoint of power. Participants in the training are encouraged, among other things, to map out their own kitchen, color-coding it to identify the power constellations within it, and begin thereby to hear stories, and perceive tactics and negotiations that define the space from within.

When: 18-22 December 2019 (Wednesday–Sunday)
Daily, 14–18 hrs, followed on weekdays by dinner at 18 hrs and preceded at the weekend by lunch at 13 hrs in the Basic Activist Kitchen.

This is a five-day training. It is possible to join on individual days, although attending the training in its entirety is encouraged.
Language: English

Individual days: €10 normal/€7.50 student discount
Combi ticket (five days): €40 normal/€30 student discount
Tickets include a daily meal at the Basic Activist Kitchen

Links to the tickets will follow soon

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