11-15 december 2019

Training XX: Exploring Untimely Togetherness

The twentieth training as part of the Trainings for the Not-Yet is with Beatrice Catanzaro, co-facilitated with Kolar Aparna, and in collaboration with Mehbratu Efrem Gebreab. It takes place on 11–15 December 2019 (Wednesday–Sunday). This training focuses on dialogue, seminar, drawing, and writing to conceive new organizational forms that can disrupt, co-opt, and penetrate existing urban governance structures

“You know, you really wake up to yourself through the other.” These words from a coloquial conversation¾a reminder that “waking up” to oneself means, simultaneously, waking up to forms of coming together¾inspired this training exploring relatedness; relatedness with one another, as well as to thoughts, surroundings, and things visible and invisible. The training explores how this coming together can be envisioned as untimely: one that does not follow the rules of a linear notion of time passing through the present from the past and into the future, but rather manifests in colliding temporalities in which the conventional distinction between the self and the other are haunted by forms that are not-yet. If historians usually treat untimeliness as an abstract notion, this training aspires to unearth its meaning through practice: namely, through collective narration of personal biographies. The aim is to co-produce a text that symbolizes this process, with awareness of pressure points where the personal and the collective collide and interweave with one another or not.

When: 11-15 December 2019 (Wednesday-Sunday)
Daily, 14–18 hrs, followed on weekdays by dinner at 18 hrs and preceded at the weekend by lunch at 13 hrs in the Basic Activist Kitchen.

This is a five-day training. Please ensure you can attend the training in its entirety.
Language: English


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7-10 november 2019

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