4-5 december 2019

Training XIII: Disrupting Neoliberal Urban Governance: New Organizational Forms for the Immediate Future

The eighteenth training as part of the Trainings for the Not-Yet is with Urban Front (David Harvey and Miguel Robles-Durán), and takes place on 4–5 December 2019 (Wednesday–Thursday). This training focuses on dialogue, seminar, drawing, and writing to conceive new organizational forms that can disrupt, co-opt, and penetrate existing urban governance structures

This training calls for the urgent formation of what Urban Front calls “parallel urban practices,” while taking aim at the structural and conceptual problem of contemporary urbanism: the increasing fragmentation, separation, and disintegration of an understanding of the city. This fragmentation indicates the lack of a unifying theory or coherent body of knowledge about how urban space is used and produced by capitalism. Against architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and other established disciplines that fragment the built environment; and against all established disciplinary specializations that dispossess non-privileged communities of their right to know and decide about their environment, the training proposes a radical re-imagination of the intellectual division of labor that dominates the production of cities under contemporary capitalism.

The training also provides overviews on understanding relational urbanization processes; on how to build and transfer trans-disciplinary knowledge; and on dialectical thinking, and historical and geographical materialist inquiry, along with discussions on innovative and experimental social interventions and practices in New York, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, and Quito, where learning from the community and engaged experience has made it possible to construct anti-capitalist interventions that integrate a wide range of public and private actors.

When: 4–5 December 2019 (Wednesday–Thursday)                 
Please note: Wednesday is a closed training session. Thursday is open for all to participate. Furthermore, there will be public programs with Urban Front in the evenings on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 December. Info and tickets to follow!

Language: English

Links to the tickets will follow soon

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