24-28 augustus 2015

Human-Inhuman-Posthuman Summer School

Cover van Rosi Braidotti’s publicatie Il postumano, 2014

This is an intensive summer course convened and taught by Prof. Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova.

The course Human/Inhuman/Posthuman offers an introduction to contemporary debates around posthumanism and the so-called “posthuman turn,” as well as Rosi Braidotti’s brand of critical posthuman theory. The course will explore the extent to which a posthuman approach displaces the traditional humanistic unity of the subject, as well as the binary human/non-human distinction on which such unity is postulated. Starting from the assumption that we find ourselves in a “posthuman predicament,” the course explores different aspects of posthuman subjectivity and culture, stressing the productive potential of the posthuman condition and advocating for the politics of affirmation.

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18 september–22 december 2019

Trainingsprogramma Trainings for the Not-Yet

1. 18–22.09. 2019. Proscenium–Performing Institutions
Training met Adelita Husni-Bey | Tickets
2. 26–28.09. 2019. Unforgetting & Reconnecting: Story Mapping
Training met Nancy Jouwe en Denise Valentine | Tickets
3. 2–6.10. 2019. Mad About Study
Training met Joy Mariama Smith | Tickets
4. 9–12.10. 2019. Each Step Yields Depth
Training met Chloë Bass
5. 9 & 11.2019. More than Friends
Training met Staci Bu Shea
6. 10.10.2019. Say YES to Consent
Training met Laced-Up Project
7. 12.10 2019. Care, Accountability, and Relation
Training met Whitney Stark
8. 16–20.10. 2019. Decommodifying Housing: How to Get There?
Training met Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) (Britt Jurgensen en Marianne Heaslip), De Nieuwe Meent (Selçuk Balamir), de Kasko (Joska Ottjes), Refugee Collective We Are Here, Elke Uitentuis, Ethel Baraona Pohl, and Irene Calabuch Mirón
9. 16–20.10. 2019. The Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op Autumn School
Training met Fran Ilich
10. 22–26.10.2019. Open Access: Organizing Accessibility from the Grassroots
Training met Carmen Papalia
11. 29–31.10 2019 & 3.11.2019. A Week By & For: Designing Inclusive Spaces.
Training met De Voorkamer (Pim van der Mijl en Shay Raviv)
12. 1–2.11. 2019. Voices of New Women
Training met New Women Connectors
13. 6–9.11. 2019. (New) Formats of Care in Times of Violence
Training met Patricia Kaersenhout
14. 13–17.11.2019 . Propositions #9: Deserting from the Culture Wars
Trainingen, lezingen, en panel discussies, in samenwerking met Sven Lütticken
15. 20–22.11. 2019. Community Futurisms
Training met Black Quantum Futurism
16. 27.11–1.12. 2019. An investigation into collective work-processes for self-determination
Training met Hamada al-Joumah en Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh
17. 27.11–1.12. 2019
Queer and Feminist
Physical and Critical
Self-Defense and Support
Bloc of Bodies

Training met een subdivisie van To Be Determined (Clara Balaguer en Gabriel Fontana)
18. 4–5.12. 2019. Disrupting Neoliberal Urban Governance: New Organizational Forms for the Immediate Future
Training met Urban Front (David Harvey en Miguel Robles-Durán)
19. 6–7.12. 2019. Propositions #10: Instituting Otherwise
Symposium met Maria Hlavajova, Laura Raicovich en anderen
20. 11–15.12.2019. Exploring Untimely Togetherness
Training met Beatrice Catanzaro, Kolar Aparna, en Mehbratu Efrem Gebreab
21. 11–15.12. 2019. Training for the Underwater(ed) Land
Training met Qanat
22. 18–22.12. 2019. Kitchen Atlases
Training met Bakudapan Food Study Group