24-25 mei 2024

Usufructuaries of earth
Chapter three: convention

Design: Sean van den Steenhoven

Usufructuaries of earth 

Chapter three, convention

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
24–25 May 2024

The convention in the context of the project Usufructuaries of earth is a two-day gathering at BAK that summons different practices of non-expropriative userships in relation to land, housing, social reproduction, agriculture, and knowledge. The convention at BAK follows the Convention of Women Farmers and Ecological Feminists that took place in the context of the Warsaw Biennial (June 2019). Through semi-public workshops and a public program of conversations, it gathers together artists, farmers, women’s and indigenous rights activists, ecologists, legal scholars, political economists, geographers, and community organizers—to share, narrate, and learn tools, concepts, methods, and imaginaries that center regeneration over ecological destruction, and collective usership over individuated profit. In bringing together diverse situated practices, reflections, and struggles, the convention aims to forge transversal solidarity that generates interventions into the ideology of private property—the seeming ideological foundation of global financial power.

Confirmed contributors include: Joud Al-Tamimi (artist and curator, Berlin), Samanta Arango Orozco (Indigenous and peasant community activist, Tolima), Marwa Arsanios (researcher, educator, and artist, Berlin and Beirut), Aya Bseiso (architect and curator, Amman), Brenna Bhandar (critical legal theorist and scholar, Vancouver and London), Lucí Cavallero (feminist activist and researcher, Buenos Aires), Philippa Driest (artist, Rotterdam), Denise Ferreira da Silva (artist and critical theorist, Vancouver), Veronica Gago (activist and theorist, Buenos Aires), Maria Hlavajova (BAK general director, Amsterdam/Utrecht), Lama Khatib (researcher and cultural worker, Berlin), Grace Lostia (comrade b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN and co-convenor Community Portal, Utrecht), Wietske Maas (BAK curator of research and publications, Amsterdam/Berlin), MADEYOUOOK (artist collaborative, Johannesburg), Massimiliano Mollona (filmmaker, anthropologist, and researcher, Bologna), Yvonne Phyllis (agrarian, land, and labor researcher, organizer, and educator, Johannesburg), Grupo Semillas (environmental nongovernmental organization, Bogotá and Tolima), Philip Rizk (writer and filmmaker, Berlin), and Shela Sheikh (researcher and educator, Paris).

The structure follows semi-open working sessions for the participants as well as a public program of conversations and performance available through registration (registration is made available soon).

For an overview of the project click here.

Chapter One: exhibition.
Chapter Two: reading groups and online publication.

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