Shay Raviv is a social designer, project initiator, and design researcher. Raviv works on different projects where culture, design, and creativity are seen as a means to bridge societal gaps. As a design researcher at STBY Amsterdam, she brings people to the center of a creation process and helps different organizations to better understand the people and context in which they are innovating. Together with Pim van der Mijl, Raviv co-founded De Voorkamer in Utrecht in 2016, an inclusive meeting space that encourages the talents of status holders, people living in asylum seekers’ centers, and the local community. Other recent projects are the publication and training program By & For – designing inclusive spaces, Utrecht, 2019; and the installation Chiefs of Waste, as part of the exhibition GEO—DESIGN JUNK: All That Is Solid Melts into Trash, presented at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 2019. Raviv lives and works in Utrecht and Amsterdam.