Fellowship application form

Post-academic research Fellowship open to advanced practitioners working at the intersection of art, theory, and social action.

Application deadline: 14 March 2019 (23:59 CET)

Full call for BAK 2019/2020 Fellowship applicants here.

Please note that the application must be submitted in English and that the online application form cannot be saved. We advise you to prepare your written responses in a separate document in advance, and copy and paste these into the required fields.

Once an application is submitted and a fee of €35 charged (if applicable), the transaction is final. There are no returned application fees for successful or unsuccessful applications.

For questions, please contact Whitney Stark, BAK Fellowship Program Coordinator: [email protected].

If you plan to independently relocate prior to the start of the program, please indicate in addition where you will be located during the Fellowship. If you are securing extra travel funds because you are based outside of Europe, please indicate this after your address.
Select the country/territory you're based in, if listed.
Please list education; e.g. previous university and (post)graduate programs, and, if applicable, alternative education programs. Please note that those currently enrolled in an academic program (MA, PhD, etc.) are ineligible for the BAK Fellowship. All postdoc position periods must end prior to the Fellowship. Those who have participated in a Dutch post-academic program (De Ateliers, European Ceramic Workcentre, Jan van Eyck Academie, Rijksakademie) are ineligible for the BAK Fellowship Program.
Maximum 1250 characters, 1250 left.
If applicable, please list two current and previous employment positions (full-time or freelance) including the organization name, position you held, and the dates of employment.
Maximum 2000 characters, 2000 left.
Please submit here your Fellowship proposal, and explain how this would be developed within your involvement in the BAK Fellowship Program.
Maximum 5000 characters, 5000 left.
How does your research connect with BAK’s long-term research itinerary Propositions for Non-Fascist Living and at least one of the focus conditions for the contemporary?
Maximum 1250 characters, 1250 left.
Are this research and any intended outcomes developed with the support of another institution? If so, please elaborate. Please note that the BAK Fellowship requires an at least 60% time commitment and research proposals are to be realized primarily in the context of the BAK Fellowship. Additional support, programs, or frameworks for the research proposal and intended outcomes may only be supplemental.
Please outline a possible timeline for the research.
List two references with name, phone number, and e-mail. Those listed should have agreed to be your reference for this application.
Please provide a shareable link to a zip file with a comprehensive portfolio of (max. 10) examples of your work (images and/or texts up to max. 250MB. Ideally bundled together into one PDF file). Upload the file to a file sharing service like Dropbox and provide the shareable link.
Links to external media (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Include passwords if required.
How did you find out about the BAK Fellowship Call for Proposals?