NO TO WAR! We at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht condemn the brutal military invasion of Ukraine, launched by Putin. We stand with all subjected to the inhumane conditions of this war. We also solidarize with the anti-war and pro-democracy movements in Russia and Belarus and with anti-imperialist struggles everywhere. Read more



10 September–20 November 2022

The Hauntologists

The Hauntologists a project that emerged through experimentation and collective research within the 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, taking place at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht, GUDSKUL in Jakarta, and IKSV in Istanbul.  

    Public Program

    12-13 November 2022

    Spectral Infrastructure

    This two-day event of sounds and words presents fields of enquiry that the freethought members have developed through their long-term research trajectory at BAK. The event includes screenings, discussions, presentations, music listening, and DJing sessions weaved together by dialogues. Organized in collaboration with Le Guess Who? festival. 



    19 November 2022

    Unjumbling Our Histories

    Unjumbling Our Histories is a two-part workshop on storytelling, collage, and bookmaking—created by artist and writer Maja Irene Bolier—with a purpose to learn and share stories in a safe and fun environment; a space for empathy, learning, and understanding.