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10 September–10 December 2022

The Hauntologists

The Hauntologists a project that emerged through experimentation and collective research within the 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, taking place at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht, GUDSKUL in Jakarta, and IKSV in Istanbul.  

    Education Program

    Education Program

    15 November–13 December 2022

    Toward the Not-Yet: Art as Public Practice (BAK Studies)

    BAK Studies: Toward the Not-Yet: Art as Public Practice. This module of BAK Studies builds on the learnings from two projects: Trainings for the Not-Yet (20192020), convened by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk and BAK as “an exhibition as a series of trainings for a future of being together otherwise,” and the publication Toward the Not-Yet: Art as Public Practice (2021).

      The Hauntologists

      28 September–04 October 2022


      In this initiative, collective duo Dika+Lija activates collaborative, casual online note-taking, taking form as a Telegram group chat. The chat layers over the happenings of the real-world domain, roguishly archiving their stay and the instances of convivialities in Utrecht. They seek to archive a glimpse of the friendship that they have built over the 2021/2022 BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, with a medium that pays homage to the 10-month long program which was mostly held online.  

        The Hauntologists

        30 September 2022

        Mangroves Growing through the Detention Floor at Bucharest International Airport

        Performance by Gayatri Kodikal. A story of when mangroves grew in the detention floor of the Bucharest International Airport. The detention floor floats in an in-between space, a threshold that holds the extent of human limit and its contractions. How do you check your privileges of free movement, to be able to travel to any destination with no dire consequences, reaping the rewards of trade and spontaneous flight?