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Symposium: No Linear Fucking Time
20–21 May, 2022
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20-21 May 2022

Symposium: No Linear Fucking Time

Coinciding with the exhibition closing of No Linear Fucking Time, this two-day symposium, taking place on-site at BAK and online, gathers several methods of thinking and practice geared toward equitable and sustainable socio-temporal models. In keeping with the motivation of the overall project, which is grounded in understanding and challenging progressive, abstract, and “western” formulations of time, the symposium engages with the histories of linear time in concert with various alternative scales that manifest across different lived experiences.

    Exhibition, Gatherings, Publication, Symposium

    03 December 2021–22 May 2022

    No Linear Fucking Time

    No Linear Fucking Time is an exhibition with gatherings, an online publication, and a symposium that unsettle dominant temporalities and model alternate forms of livable time. Convened by BAK’s curator of public practice Rachael Rakes with artist-interlocutors Femke Herregraven, Jumana Manna, and Claudia Martínez Garay, as well as writer Amelia Groom.


      18 March–22 May 2022

      Vibeke Mascini – Ray

      Ray, a new installation by Amsterdam-based visual artist Vibeke Mascini, can be seen at St. Catherine’s Cathedral, Utrecht, until 22 May 2022. The work is commissioned by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, as part of the project No Linear Fucking Time and is realized in collaboration with Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht. Ray consists of a single projected beam of light, generated by a battery that is partly charged with electricity from excess heat produced at a crematorium.