Performance by Patricia Kaersenhout and
Performance by Patricia Kaersenhout and Angel Bat Dawid, organized as part of Le Guess Who? Festival 2019 and (New) Formats of Care in Times of Violence, a training by Kaersenhout in the context of the project Trainings for the Not-Yet, 8 November 2019, B
8 November 2019
BAK x LGW: Performance Patricia Kaersenhout & Angel Bat Dawid

In collaboration with

From 7-10 November 2019, BAK joins forces with Le Guess Who? 2019. Besides hosting several of the festival’s events, we are also collaborating for a special performance, on Friday 8 November at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht.

Le Guess Who? and artist Jeanne Van Heeswijk (of project Trainings for the Not-Yet) connected visual artist, activist, and womanist Patricia Kaersenhout with Chicago-based pianist, clarinetist and composer Angel Bat Dawid. Both women tap into the meaning and history of black life and experimental forms of radical self-care through various artistic works and projects.

This collaborative performance departs from a communal training with Kaersenhout taking place that same week, (New) Formats of Care in Times of Violence. She involves male participants in collaborative embroidery of scenes of the triptych The story of Nastagio deli Onesti (1483) by painter Sandro Boticcelli, while engaging in storytelling, dialogue and spiritual healing as a training for collective resistance and a commitment to living otherwise.

On 8 November, 14-16 hrs, Angel Bat David joins the training by sharing her sonic healing practice. While participants of the training invite the audience to join their collective work of embroidery, Angel Bat David accompanies this repetitive, powerful act of repair with her healing music.

The performance will be followed by a conversation between Angel and Patricia.

Free with Le Guess Who? festival wristband, sign up via form on Le Guess Who? website.
Or order a separate ticket via BAK (Eventbrite): €8.50 normal/€5 student discount[/i][/i]