Wan Ing Que

anthropologist, educator, and cultural worker
Ying Que is an anarchist anthropologist, educator, and cultural worker whose work draws from curatorial and artistic research. It manifests in collective and collaborative practice affiliated to social movements and cultural activism, ranging from writing and programming to radio and theater works.
She is concerned with intersectional feminism and anti-colonialism, approaching these from a range of topics, including the commons and commoning practices, food autonomy, and cycles of colonial and postcolonial violence. In 2017, she co-initiated the queer feminist collective niet normaal*. Among her other collectives are Read-in, Disobedient Art School, and Moira Exporiment. During Jeanne van Heeswijk’s Trainings for the Not Yet at BAK (2019–2020), Ying joined the core team of the b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN. Ultracirculation is her second collaboration with artist Elaine W. Ho and her third residency at KUNCI Study Forum and Collective.