19 February 2023

Community Portal presents...

A stop in the travel itineraries of Wan Ing Que and Elaine W. Ho.
Part of the field work for Ultradependent Public School (01 April–27 May 2023).

WHEN: Sunday, 19 February 2023
20:00 hrs Yogyakarta
14:00 hrs Utrecht
HOW: Livestream, no registration required

Critical Circulation Mi

Mi or Mie in Bahasa Indonesia means “noodles,” while mi in Chinese can mean “rice.” These over-indulgences of critical carbs are the workout diet for the Ultracirculation study group. Now in Yogyakarta, Critical Circulation Mi invites listeners into a guided soundscape with aurations by KUNCI Study Forum and Collective, School for Improper Education (SOIE), Elaine W. Ho, and Wan Ing Que. While eating, listening, and reading, field work-in-progress looking into the so-called “undocumented period” of the New Order Regime will be broadcast and unfolded in collaboration with participants in SOIE.

Tune in on Sunday, 19 February via Radio KUNCI ( at around 14:00 CET for an hour of Critical Circulation Mi, a sharing of outcomes and experiences of a workshop experimenting with critical fabulations, scalar chronologies and asymptotal storytelling.


Electricity pole with a mess of entangled cables, resembling cable mi, some radio equipment, an on air sign hanging in the left right corner, in the lower left corner the Chinese character for a place like restaurant, shop or for cultural activities and other things. A small truck and the word “story” floating next to it. Blue border with green swirls framing it.


This event is part of the field work of Ultracirculation, a study group within Ultradependent Public School. Circulated by Wan Ing Que and Elaine W. Ho, Ultracirculation investigates forms of movement that escape mainstream routes of access to capital—cultural, intellectual, economic, political. It is interested in a kind of knowledge that can only be created in transit.

Ultradependent Public School (01 April–27 May 2023) unfolds as the public negotiation of a curriculum to learn what we really need to enact the worlds we really want. It is co-convened with an extended faculty of students, educators, and practitioners. Emphasizing study as a radically collective, public labor that lives in-between institutionalized hierarchies, UPS inhabits the edges between formal classrooms and everyday life. It navigates kitchens, print studios, housing squats, community centers, garages, radio stations, hallways, public transportation, and sidewalks as sites of study.