Maria Molteni

artist, educator, and mystic
Maria Molteni is a queer, interdisciplinary artist, educator, and mystic based in Massachusetts.
Their intuitive practice spans movement, astrology, tarot, dreamwork, and color magic. They position their practice as physical education and gymnasium experimentation for visionary communities like the American Shakers or German Bauhaus. With their immersive activation of public arenas, they seek to invert the historic, male-dominated “action painting” movement under which they
were trained. In 2010, they founded the
international collective New Craft Artists
in Action, using action in public space to
champion participation over spectatorship
and liberate recreation from the status
quo of commercial sports culture. Molteni
has exhibited at numerous galleries and
museums as well as basements, meadows,
sidewalks, and seascapes across the globe.