12 April 2023
Shapeshifting Sports Camp

Shapeshifting Sports Camp proposes an inclusive physical education program for schools. It features a series of collective exercises and alternative team sport games to promote empathy and social inclusion.

During the training, participants play games that Gabriel Fontana developed in collaboration with Rotterdam-based schools, sport teachers, and their pupils. Composed of new tools, rules, transformable uniforms, and alternative sport fields, the games play around fluid identities. Players are invited into situations where they change teams halfway through the game or where they don’t know at all to which team they belong. 

Maria Molteni’s training focuses on the relationship between performer and audience, and the spaces they typically inhabit. The full theater becomes an arena for reflection, for call and response through voice, sound, and movement. Together, we experiment with flexible arrangements of symbols and patterns to play rhythmic instructions for conceptual “scores.” This workshop is inspired by the knitting patterns that Molteni uses to create handmade basketball nets as well as meditative ball-handling combinations. 

After playing, participants discuss collectively how the games deconstruct the traditional notion of a team and reflect together on what a “group” means, what creates a community, and how they relate to the “other.”

Trainer’s Notes

On Thursday, April 13th, Dutch translation will be facilitated. The workshop will also be open for Dutch speakers.


12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-17:00 Workshop

17:00-18:00 Free Time