23 May 2006, 19.00

The Measure of Community

lectures and discussions on the notion of community

Lectures and discussions on the notion of community with Nina Möntmann, curator and art historian, Hamburg; Marcus Verhagen, art critic and art historian, London; and Haegue Yang. Introduced and moderated by Binna Choi.

The topic of community in the age of globalization and nomadism, beyond the notion of communities as measured by their productive and political power-value, will be discussed from the perspective of critical contemporary artistic practice.

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Public program

Public Program


12 October, 19.00–16 November, 21.00 2021

Course: Art as Politics

An online course that was prompted by the urgency to engage in collective thinking through, learning about, and imagining critical, politically-informed artistic practices that grasp—and intervene into—the present. Taught by Maria Hlavajova, BAK’s general & artistic director.