Public program

3 November 2019, 19.00-22.00

A Feast By & For, with De Voorkamer (FULL)

Please note: this event is fully booked so it is no longer possible to register.

Join us on 3 November from 19-22 hrs for the public program A Feast By & For with De Voorkamer: an evening on how to foster inclusivity and build inclusive spaces, co-created by all the participants in the training with De Voorkamer taking place earlier that week.

The evening is the result of a diverse new group working together, departing from De Voorkamer’s framework “By & For”. This means working inclusively, as a team, while leaving space for personal talent and autonomous expression.

The evening will be focused around food, and will include sharing a communal dinner together, to experience how food can be a gateway to better understanding the other. The precise program remains a surprise, as how we will eat, which setting will surround us, what we will eat, what will we witness, who will join us, what will we smell or listen to: all this will be designed by the participants in one week’s time. Come eat with us and let yourself be surprised!  

Tickets: sold out

This event is free to attend for participants of the training A Week By & For, taking place earlier that week.

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Exhibition and public program

BAK basis voor

1-2 February 2020

2.Dh5 Festival – Defeating Dystopia?

The fourteenth edition of the yearly 2.Dh5 festival is coming to BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht on 1-2 February 2020, with the theme “Defeating Dystopia?” The festival is part of the program series BAK, basis voor…, in which BAK join forces with other organizations in addressing shared urgencies and developing propositions for a future of “being together otherwise.”


Public program

18 December 2019, 18.30-21.30

International Migrant Day: a walk by the Basic Activist Kitchen

On Wednesday 18 December, the Basic Activist Kitchen will organize a walk in honor of International Migrant Day, starting at Moskeeplein and ending with a dinner in collaboration with Taste Before You Waste at BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. International Migrant Day pays homage to the lives, rights and contributions of migrants to societies […]