Book Launch

16 October 2020, 19.00-21.00


Book Launch: Deserting from the Culture Wars

The second reader in BAK's BASICS series, published by BAK and MIT Press

Cover features an image by Andreas Siekmann from the series The Big 4ever, 2020, developed for this publication. Design by Sean van den Steenhoven for LeftLoft, Milan.

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht is proud to invite you to the book launch Deserting from the Culture Wars , the second reader in our BASICS series, published by BAK and MIT Press, Cambridge, MA and edited by Maria Hlavajova and Sven Lütticken. The book launch is part of the
Reopening of Tony Cokes: To Live as Equals at BAK (16-17 October 2020).

Deserting from the Culture Wars reflects upon and intervenes in our current moment of ever-more polarizing ideological combat, often seen as the return of the “culture wars.” How are these culture wars defined and waged? Engaging in a theater of war that has been delineated by the enemy is a shortcut to defeat. Getting out of the reactive mode that produces little but a series of Pavlovian responses, this book proposes a tactical desertion from the culture wars as they are being waged today—a refusal to play the other side’s war games, an unwillingness to be distracted.

Read more on the book here.

The book launch includes a program with contributions by Maria Hlavajova, Sven Lütticken, Jonas Staal, and Clara Balaguer.

Live streaming As well as being an on-site event at BAK, the program also will be streamed live. You can access the live stream on this page, as well as on Facebook. The live stream will become accesible shortly before the event starts.

Program Book launch, 16 October 2020, 19-21 hrs:
19.00 hrs: doors open
19.15 hrs: program start
21.00 hrs: program end

Pre-registration for this event is required.
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Launch event general ticket: €7.50
Launch event student ticket: €6
Special deal: event ticket + book: €18 (saves €6.50! to be picked up during the evening of the event at BAK)

The book will also be sold on site at BAK for €17. Online you can order via MIT Press, price: $19.95

Please note: the launch itself takes place in the BAK auditorium, it is not possible to visit exhibition Tony Cokes: To Live as Equals during the event. For this, please book a timeslot for one of the introductions on Friday 16 or Saturday 17 October, TICKETS HERE.

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