Liwen Deng

writer, concept developer, researcher

Zoénie Liwen Deng writes semi-ekphrastic poems and art-related essays, and organizes events around social practices. She works as the civic praxis/community portal coordinator at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht and at Waag Society as concept developer on arts and technology projects. She obtained her PhD in cultural studies from University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Her PhD research focused on the non-oppositional criticalities of contemporary socially engaged art in urbanizing China. Her research and artistic interests include social practices, artivism, feminisms, anarchisms, the New Associationist Movement, alternate ways of living and learning together, non-western perspectives, and decolonial ethics and politics. She co-curated the Transformer Summit at Artsformation and Now water can flow or it can crash, my friend, a public program at Framer Framed, Amsterdam, in 2021.


20-21 May 2022

Symposium: No Linear Fucking Time