Be Determined

To Be Determined is an undocumented organization that has recently migrated to the Netherlands from the Philippines and other places, assuming a new name and identity. It is curious about models of collectivizing authorship (be it credited, anonymous, or divested), underground railroads (in plain sight) to institutional access, territory constructed between repose and transit (including languages spoken by any inhabitants), and the decolonization of cultural work through the lens of the contemporary (post-colonial) vernacular. It is currently molting or in the process of determining how it must operate within a foreign landscape. But what is clear, at this point in time, is that TBD is (still) comprised of sleeper cells and yet-to-be-determined networks that activate and deactivate in response to external factors: abundance to be distributed, urgencies to be addressed, or leisure to be. When prompted, TBD identifies as a social practice performance.