Artist Timur Si-Qin’s interests in the evolution of culture, the dynamics of cognition, and contemporary philosophy weave together to create alternate kinds of environmental art. His work often challenges common notions of the organic versus the synthetic, the natural versus the cultural, the human versus the non-human, and other dualisms at the heart of western consciousness. Si-Qin’s long term meta-project is the proposal of a new secular faith in the face of climate change, global pandemics, and biodiversity collapse called New Peace. Through New Peace individual works aggregate into a hyper-distributed and branded ecosystem of signifiers. Drawing from disparate disciplines like the anthropology of religion, marketing psychology, and new materialist philosophy, Si-Qin regards spiritualities as cultural softwares capable of deep behavioral and political intervention. Si-Qin is of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent and grew up in Berlin, Beijing, and in the Southwest United States. Recent exhibitions include Von Ammon Co., Washington, DC; Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art 2, Riga; 2019 Asian Art Biennale, Taichung City; 5th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg; UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beidaihe; Spazio Maiocchi, Milan; The Highline, New York; and Magician Space, Beijing. Si-Qin lives and works in New York. 



20-21 May 2022

Symposium: No Linear Fucking Time