Superuse Studios Rotterdam is an architectural firm that bases itself on a philosophy of circular design. The existing context is taken as the starting point and the development of a building is seen as one of the valuable results of a circular process. In the work of Superuse Studios, reuse is viewed as an integrated design strategy. The reuse concept applies to building materials as well as to energy supplies, human resources, water, traffic, and food cycles. Projects starts with investigating and mapping the different layers, such as existing location, context, and energy sources. The searching for possible interconnections leads to a design that integrates the different aspects and is aligned with the existing urban environment. Utilizing this circular vision, Superuse Studios develops strategies for cities and urban areas. Recent projects, among others, include Airport Library Schiphol, Amsterdam, 2018 and vibrant hub Blue City, Rotterdam, 2017.

Exhibition and public program

14 September 2019–12 January 2020

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