theorist, writer and curator, Paris

Stephen Wright is a theorist, art writer and curator who teaches the practice of theory at the European School of Visual Arts, Angoulème/Poitiers. His writing has focused primarily on the politics of usership, particularly in contexts of collaborative, extradisciplinary practices with variable coefficients of art. His current research examines the ongoing usological turn in art and society in terms of contemporary escapological theory and practice. His curated projects include Situation Z, Art-cade, Marseille, 2012; Recomposing Desire, Masrah al-Madina, Beirut, 2008 (with Natasa Ilic); and Dataesthetics, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, 2008. Wright is currently preparing Unsupported Documents, to be held in Marseille in 2015, as part of a series of exhibitions examining art practices with deliberately impaired coefficients of artistic visibility, which raise the prospect of art without artworks, authorship, or spectatorship. His publications include Toward a Lexicon of Usership (2013)_, _which repurposes the contemporary wordscape and the conceptual vocabulary inherited from modernity. Wright lives and works in Paris.