Bu Shea

Staci Bu Shea, 2021 [Image description: fresh from being washed, a black t-shirt of a hospice guest, with the printed text “Trust the timing of your life” on the front, hangs on a dollie from a shirt hanger. The shirt is drying faster in the warm space of the boiler room of the hospice, near the laundry machines, storage goods, and tools.]

Staci Bu Shea is a curator, writer, and teacher based in Utrecht. Their research project, Dying Livingly (2021–ongoing), explores what it means to live intimately with death and grief through artistic and cultural productions that draw a bridge to their practice as an end-of-life guide and death companion. Bu Shea was curator at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht (2017–2022). With Carmel Curtis, they co-curated Barbara Hammer: Evidentiary Bodies (2017) at Leslie Lohman Museum of Art, New York City. Bu Shea graduated in 2016 from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York.