Sashko Protyah is a filmmaker and activist. He lived in Uzbekistan for 14 years until he settled down near the sea in Mariupol in 1992. He has been engaged in cinematography since 2006. Started as a hobby, it finally became a full-fledged project named Freefilmers, which was founded by Protyah in co-operation with Oleksandr Surovtsov, Vova Morrow, and Iryna Berezneva. The screenings of their films have taken place at Kharkiv MeetDocs Festival, Kharkiv; New drama of Zaporizhia, Zaporizhia; Mikhail Zoshchenko Apartment Museum, St. Petersburg; Nad Bohom, Vinnytsia; Platform TU, Mariupol; Youth Center, Mariopol; Palma of the North Contest at the 86 International Festival of Film and Urbanism, Slavutich; Lantern 42, Severodonetsk; Molodist International Film Festival, Kyiv; and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Winterthur; among others. In 2018, Protyah, along with Oksana Kazmina, directed the project TvorchSkhid, within which two films about the cultural phenomena of the East of Ukraine were made: Are you stealing metal here? (restoration of the space) about the abandoned  houses and different experiences and reflections upon such phenomena as “abandoned one, and Sho Sho? (East-Ukrainian dialogue), about the multicultural orientation of the East and the importance of trying to get to know and to hear Others.