Researcher & teacher

Paul Rekret is a researcher and teacher in political and cultural theory.  He is associate professor of politics at Richmond American International University, London, part of Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective (with Fred Moten, Dhanveer Brar Singh, Fumi Okiji, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Louis Moreno, and Stefano Harney), works on sound and ecological crisis as part of Amplification/Annihilation, and is author of the publications Down With Childhood: Pop Music and the Crisis of Innocence (Repeater, 2017), Derrida and Foucault: Philosophy, Politics, Polemics (Rowman & LIttlefield 2018), Clipped Coins, Abused Words & Civil Government (ed., George Caffentzis, Pluto, 2021), and Take This Hammer: Work, Song, Crisis (Goldsmiths Press, forthcoming). Rekret lives and works in London.