writer and critic

Omedi Ochieng is a researcher, teacher, and writer. He works as Assistant Professor of Communication at Denison University, Ohio. Ochieng’s teaching and research engagements are animated by the search for justice, wisdom, ethics, and beauty. His areas of expertise include rhetorical theory and criticism, the rhetoric of philosophy and the philosophy of rhetoric, political theory and practice, and aesthetic praxis. Ochieng has published articles in International Philosophical Quarterly, Radical Philosophy, and Western Journal of Communication. He teaches courses on rhetorical criticism, public address, communication theory, and philosophies of the good life. Ochieng is the author of Groundwork for the Practice of the Good Life: Politics and Ethics at the Intersection of African and North Atlantic Philosophy, 2017. In this book, Ochieng invites a reassessment of the longstanding question about what constitutes a good society and a good life.  He builds his answer through an overview and critique of North Atlantic and African philosophical traditions. Ochieng lives and works in Granville, Ohio.