García-Andrade Llamas

Lorenzo García-Andrade Llamas was born in Madrid and raised in Havana. He is a cultural worker with a background in political science. Prior to relocating to Amsterdam in 2021 to study at Sandberg Instituut, he was working collaboratively in Madrid at the intersection of different artistic and curatorial practices such as visual and live arts, architecture, and music. The projects he develops focus on the potential of experience through constructing situations that seek new imaginaries with specific communities. He has shown or produced work in Madrid in varying contexts: public space (Veranos de la Villa, Bosque Real), cultural centers (La Casa Encendida, Madrid), universities (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, Madrid), and museums (Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid).

Lorenzo García-Andrade Llamas is co-convening the Ultraemergence study group for Ultradependent Public School (2023).