Kroon (Prace)

Joram Kroon (Prace) is a composer, music-producer, pianist, DJ, music teacher, and musical adventurer. He is currently working on a live electronic music performance featuring visuals in which he searches for the connection between the domain of electronic music and the culture of the Gnawa, an ethnic group inhabiting Morocco and Algeria. The project revolves around integrating the richness and ritualistic nature of the Gnawa into his music to create a hybrid style, both in the studio and on stage. By making recordings with local musicians and leaving studio gear behind, Prace aims to contribute to the democratization of music. His works include: The First Statement, 2010, a music album influenced by spending three months in Israel/the West Bank and studying of Arabic music in Ramallah and the Bankra Bike Sound System, a mobile DJ set, 2016–ongoing. When not on a field mission in Morocco, Kroon lives and works in Utrecht.