art historian and researcher, Edinburgh

Harry Weeks is an art historian and researcher. Currently, he is Teaching Fellow in History of Art at The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. His research interests include participation and collaboration in art, the politics of contemporary art, theories of community, and Eastern European art history. He completed his doctoral thesis “‘A Unique Epochal Knot’: Negotiations of Community in Contemporary Art” in 2014, examining the ways in which contemporary art has contributed to a rethinking of the concept of community since 1989. His writings can be found in CITSEE, E-International Relations, and Studies in Eastern European Cinema, as well as the publications Interactive Contemporary Art: Participation in Practice (2014), To The Reader (2013), Kernel Panic Control (2012), and Generation of the Place: Image, Memory and Fiction in the Baltics (2011). Weeks is a co-editor of the Spring 2016 special issue of Tate Papers entitled “Mediating Collaboration.” Weeks lives and works in Edinburgh.