Estamos Bien (EEB)

Espacio Estamos Bien Bingo. Picture by Wouter Stroet.

Espacio Estamos Bien (EEB) is an art cooperative* based in Amsterdam that organizes gatherings, publications, exhibitions, and other formats. EEB started plotting the idea of a new space in Amsterdam—not necessarily a physical one—that could provide an affective and supportive context. A space for those who do not belong in the institutional circuit. A space that is always changing, always moving, but always available. EEB is an initiator of conversations and a facilitator of situations. EEB was founded by Mariana Jurado Rico and Francisca Khamis Giacoman.

Espacio Estamos Bien is convening the Ultradistro study group for Ultradependent Public School (2023).

*A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons, united voluntarily to form a democratic organization whose administration and management must be carried out in a manner agreed upon by the members.


27 May 2023, 16.00-00.00