de Garaje

Escuela de Garaje sparked in Bogotá in 2013 as an informal program that improvises its structure every time it happens, responding to its subject matter and context. It is/we are an escuela (school) that needs minimal or no infrastructural endowment. It is/we are interested in knowledge and tools that are considered irrelevant, of low quality, or lacking in official value. The general objective of the escuela is to collectively unlearn freely and for free. Right now, it is/we are working diasporically to understand what the ultra-space of hospitality could be, taking the kitchen as a site of study and political action, focusing on connecting food activists, agricultural workers, and other allies in food sovereignty.

Members include Santiago Pinyol.

Escuela de Garaje is convening the Ultrahospitality study group for Ultradependent Public School (2023).