CLARA BALAGUER is a cultural worker and grey literature circulator. From 2010 to 2018, she articulated cultural programming with rural, peri-urban, and diasporic communities from the Philippines through the OCD, a living room residency program and cultural unit. In 2013, she co-founded Hardworking Goodlooking, a cottage industry publishing hauz interested in the material vernacular, collectivizing authorship, and the value of the error. Currently, she builds and publishes curriculums at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst as curator of Civic Praxis, as research lecturer at Willem de Kooning Academy, and as editorial midwife at Piet Zwart Institute for Experimental Publishing. Frequently, she operates under collective or individual aliases that disclose her stewardship in projects, the latest of which is To Be Determined: a loosely organized structure of sleeper cells (Trojan horse networks) that activate–deactivate for leaking access to cultural capital.