SPIN collective, Autumn Equinox Event, September 2021. Photo taken by Jasper van den Ende.

Carla Arcos is a research-based designer and organizer based in Rotterdam. She currently studies graphic design and sustainability. Her studies set the ground for her to cultivate a practice of community building and direct action. She co-initiated SPIN in 2019, a student-led collective, initially directed toward climate-action which evolved into a para-structure of the university. SPIN is building tools with teachers and students to engage in learning beyond the limits of the classroom. SPIN set up a recycling station and a rooftop garden at Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam and also runs an emergent curriculum that activates forgotten making practices through pagan festivities. Arcos is also a member of Cooking Something Up, a collective that cooks up other ways of relating to knowledge and study through practices of care.

Carla Arcos is co-convening the Ultraemergence study group for Ultradependent Public School (2023).