Britt Jürgensen is an activist, artist and creative facilitator working within social movements that reclaim common ownership of housing, land, and energy. She played an integral role in developing both Homebaked Community Land Trust and bakery co-operative. Trained as a performance maker, Jürgensen uses her skills to filter individual and collective narratives into performative encounters with the broader public, creating platforms that invite people to negotiate and manifest their hopes, re-imagine their surroundings and shape their collective future. She directed and co-wrote Homebaked’s acclaimed Anfield Home Tour for the Liverpool Biennial 2012. Recent works include Power in the City, with Carbon Coop, Manchester, 2018–2019; Röstånga Bygdebastu, Röstånga, 2019, as well as multiple collaborations with artist Jeanne van Heeswijk. Jürgensen lives and works in Liverpool.